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When a beef is slaughtered…

How much eating meat will I get? It varies. Here are some reasons:

Each beef is built differently. One may have more muscle, fat, or bone than the next. Beyond that, cutting preferences can influence quantity. Meat can be close trimmed or left with more healthy fat. And meat can be ordered boneless or bone in. This will clearly influence the weight and volume of meat you put into your freezer.


Naturally, there is weight loss during slaughter and processing of meat from live animals to table-ready cuts. Slaughtering removes blood, hide, and inedible parts from the animal. The resulting carcass will weigh considerably less than before. The percentage of loss is around 65%.


Processing refers to the cutting of the slaughtered carcass into ready-to-cook portions. It accounts for another weight loss, as excess fat and bones are trimmed away.

The more fat and bones removed for your convenience, the greater the decrease in net weight. Trimming makes meat more appetizing. It also reduces required freezer space required and can reduce preparation time in the kitchen. You can specify your preferences on how you want your meat to be trimmed.


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