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Final payment (Skeeter Creek Farm)

Final payment
1 3/4 share of beef | 1 3/4 = $1350.00 + $0.01 Assembly Out of Stock
1 1/4 share | 1 1/4 = $450.00 + $0.01 Assembly Out of Stock
1 1/8 | 1 1/8 = $37.50 + $0.01 Assembly
deposit share of beef (Skeeter Creek Farm)

PLEASE READ, deposit only, not total price for share. Placing a deposit here guarantees you are buying a share of beef. Note that the deposits shown represents most, but not all of your cost. Our processor provides us with the live/on the hoof weight for each animal. You will be billed for your portion of the live weight at $6.00 a pound, minus your deposit. All balances must be paid in full before pickup. By ordering I agree that I am purchasing a whole live animal. A non refundable deposit is required.
No Packages Defined!